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Is Burnout An Illness Or A Phenomenon

You probably have heard about Burnout before. In today’s interview we hear more about it.   Louis: Burnout is an often used phrase. Some say it is caused by an achievement-oriented society. Medical practitioners and clinics have specialized in this area. So what is burnout actually? miamo: Burnout is not […]

Different Leadership Styles Make Better Leaders

This is a short “virtual” interview between Louise, an interested corporate guy and the miamo retreat hosts.   Louise: What is meant by new leadership style? miamo: I am careful with the term “new”. Looking at what some of the great philosophers said thousands of years ago, I am not […]

Happiness vs Work

Do you think Happiness and Work go together? Or are they opposites?   Louis: There is so much talk about happiness these days. Guides to happiness are everywhere. How about happiness in the world of business and work? What is exactly is happiness and what is it that makes us […]

Meaning Is The New Requirement

Today’s interview is all about Meaning in Work.   Louis: You recently mentioned that meaning is the new goal. What do you mean by that? Aren’t people just wanting to make enough money? Miamo: I see 3 main developments that lead to the search for meaning: To stay on top […]

Manage Your Stress Before It Manages You

In today’s day and age it’s very easy to be stressed. So many things are happening, so much information to take in on a daily basis, so many decisions to take constantly. Our life today is nothing like the life our forefathers lived hundreds or thousands of years ago. But […]

Manage stress before it manages you

What Is Corporate Wellness

Today Louise is asking our expert about Corporate Wellness.   Louise: You keep using the term corporate wellness. Is it some kind of fitness regime for employees of an organisation? What exactly do you mean by that? miamo: The term wellness combines wellbeing and fitness. Usually people talk about fitness […]

Corporate Wellness – Do We Need Healthier Companies?

Today is all about healthy companies. Is your company healthy? No, we don’t mean (just) your business figures. We think there is more to it to be a healthy company.   miamo: It seems as if most companies never learn. Louis:  What do you mean? miamo: Louis: Modern psychology, neuroscience […]