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6 Dangers For The Psyche of Senior and Executive Managers

Did you know that  senior and executive managers suffer from mental problems caused by capacity overload more often than any other professions? How come some are able to handle pressure while others don’t? German Professor Dr. Andreas Zimber researches in the field of mental health at work and heads the […]

Risks for Senior managers Executiv Managers

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Superfoods – Marketing Trick or Healthy Treat?

I am sure you have heard the term many times before, seen it on advertising and on food packaging. But what is it actually? What are Superfoods Superfoods are nothing manufactured or processed. They are a special category of foods found in nature. The term “Superfood” is no scientific concept […]

How To Make Sure That Holidays Work

While vacations are considered a source of happiness and recreation, they can also be a source of stress. Stress because work issues follow you wherever you go as well as transitory stress due to a hectic lead up to the holidays and uneasiness because of the catch up period once […]

Digital Detox – What Being Unplugged Can Mean

While I did some investigations for my Digital Detox presentation at the wellness@work conference in Sydney in April this year, I came across an article in the magazine NewPhilosopher (issue #11) that informed about an experiment that – so I believe – needs to be shared with others as much […]

How To Survive The Christmas Holidays

It’s already December again – can you believe how time flies? Only a few more sleeps and the holiday season is upon us. But until then it can still be a tough time, and I am not even sure if most of us experience the holidays as something relaxing. So […]

Corporate Mindfulness

Let’s start with what busy people often like to know first in order not to waste time: What’s in it for me or my business? Can you prove it? Mindfulness exercises act as health prevention by reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and cortisone levels, and by improving the immune system. […]

Why Most Diets Fail Long Term

Why do most diets fail in the long term? As in today’s societies 60% of more are overweight or obese it is no wonder that many people have tried one or more diets only to face the jo-jo-effect or weight cycling at the end. Big efforts with little success ending […]

why most diets fail

What Everyone Is Saying About Happiness

The quest for happiness is at least as old as the ancient world. Former president Thomas Jefferson saw the need to have the right of pursuit of happiness written into the US declaration. It seems not to have worked as the USA is ranked only 17th in the 2013 world […]

Different Leadership – The Synaptic Circle

Louise:  What is the Synaptic Circle? miamo:  This is a management model. Amy Brann, a British international trainer and coach, uses latest neuroscience for her work. She explains her neuro-leadership model in parts in her book “Make your brain work”. What I find most useful are the seven C’s: Confidence, […]

Can We Really Multitask?

Have you ever tried to mulltitask to get through your busy schedule? We definitely have. But are you really multitasking? Or is it a myth?   Louis: Where does the term multitasking come from? miamo: I am not sure but think it originates from the computer industry. It describes how […]