Too tired to look after  your health?
Want to re-discover yourself, your abilities, your creativity?

Going to a retreat in beautiful natural surroundings for a weekend or a week can help you get back on track.

We offer a range of specialized and personalized retreats to help you recharge your batteries and learn for life. They are offered in different locations which are more or less tucked away, so you can choose how much you actually want to retreat from the world for these few special days.

What you need to decide is

  • WHAT kind of retreat do you want to attend? – see below for the current listing
  • WHERE do you want to be located during your retreat? – Check out our Locations
  • WHEN is the best time for you to go on your retreat? – Send us an Enquiry 


At present we have the following retreats available for you, you will find more details when you follow the links:


For enquiries or to make a booking please
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