A Typical Day

Throughout your stay you will experience different retreat elements, always tailored to the theme of your retreat. But the basic balance will always consist of a beautiful blend of active and passive parts, learning & experiencing, rest & relaxation.


A Typical Day during your multi-day wellness retreat will look something like this:

• Breakfast

• Active or Learning Element (see below)

• Morning Tea

• Active, Passive or Learning Element (see below)

• Lunch

• Passive, Active or Learning Element (see below)

• Afternoon Tea

• Passive or Leisure Element

• Dinner



Having an active body and mind is one of the keys to life long well-being.Our workshops will support you in experiencing both. The individual offerings depend on the theme of your retreat, but most likely include things like Tai Chi and Yoga. Just contact us if you have a specific question.

You will learn how to easily integrate what you have experienced into your daily life.



Balance is the basis of nature and life and a vital part of our retreats. You will have time to rest, reflect and recover. That can be in the form of a pampering spa treatment, a quiet meditation session, reading a book or chilling out in the hammock.



All our retreats include an educational element facilitated by highly qualified, skilled speakers. Topics do vary depending on the theme of the retreat and will deliver up to date, researched information in a practical, take home style, guaranteed to inspire and motivate you to optimal health and well-being.



Depending on the location of your retreat you will have access to different activities throughout your stay, from wandering around in Australia’s best Backyard, going for a swim in the lake or pool, relaxing with additional spa pampering or going deeper during a personal coaching session. If you are close to Port Douglas you might want to go for a walk along the beach or have a rest in one of the beautiful coffee shops.

We are here to support you to make the most out of your stay with us, so feel free to ask us for tips on what to do or where to go.