One Day Workshops

one day workshops infoYou have been to the Reef and the Rainforest?

Done all the tours and seen all the sights?

You want to relax but are also interested to try something new?

Then this offer is just right for you!

In addition to our 5 Day – 4 night wellness retreats we also offer one day workshops that are fun and educational.

They range from Happiness to weight management information and are available all year round.

For these workshops we come to your accommodation (within the Douglas Shire) and give you new insights in the different topics available. To make this work at your place you should have enough space for your group plus one or two trainers. Depending on the subject we might need a bit of space for some exercise so you can enjoy the full experience.

You find all the information in our pdf file
miamo wellness retreats One Day Workshops
(just click on the link to download it).

At the moment we have the following topics available:

  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Happiness – it’s Causes & Enemies
  • De-Stress
  • Food & Nutrition

If you have any questions, want to book or have a suggestion, please come over and let us know here.