Here are some tips for getting ready for your visit in our beautiful part of the world. If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to contact us at any time via our contact form.


Getting there and away

Our retreats are facilitated in the beautiful Wet Tropics area of the Far North, depending on the location 60-90 minutes’ drive from Cairns International airport. Courtesy transfers from Cairns airport and Port Douglas are available at set times.


Preparing for your stay

Arriving/departing by air

For all our retreats we provide a complimentary transfer from Cairns Airport at 2pm on the first day of each retreat and to Cairns Airport at 2pm on the last retreat day. Alternatively, a limousine can be booked for you. On the day of departure workshops finish at 12pm, then lunch is served from 1-2pm. Departures should be planned at 2pm.


Arriving/departing by car

Please plan to arrive between 2pm and 4pm for the first day of your retreat. On the day of departure workshops finish at 12pm, then lunch is served from 1-2pm. Departures should be planned at 2pm.

To maximise your stay with us, please arrive between 2pm and 4pm, dressed casually, with suitable walking shoes.


Cancellation and Postponement

All payments made by you, including deposits, are non-refundable. Changes to your booking will incur cancellation or postponement fees. Any funds remaining after deduction of the foregoing fees will be held as a credit on your behalf for you to use at a subsequent retreat, providing that retreat is held within a period of 12 months from the date of the original booking.

We recommend that you arrange travel insurance to cover your investment in the event of sickness or unpredictable circumstances that may require you to change your plans.


Deposits and Payments

A deposit of $500 per person is required for bookings of all retreats. Full payment is required 4 weeks before the retreat.

To take advantage of limited special offers, full payment is required at the time of booking.


Dietary requirements

Please advise prior to arrival if you have any special dietary requirements.



Please advise prior to your arrival of any health related issues that may affect your ability to participate in any activities. If there are specific medical requirements that you need during your stay, please advise your coaches prior to arrival so we can make any necessary arrangements.


Mobile phones/Internet

To truly escape your daily routines, we recommend to use this time as “mobile free”. Depending on the location you will not have mobile coverage. Please check the details of your accommodation for contact phone numbers.

Free wireless Internet is available in all locations.



All our retreat locations are smoke free.


What to bring

You will be in the tropics, so prepare for lots of sun and warm weather. There are lots of pools and creeks for swimming, so definitely bring bathers. Also remember your SPF 30, moisturiser and mozzie spray just in case.

It also means we are fairly relaxed and like to wear shorts and t-shirts all year round. So no need for suit and ties unless you feel like it.

The evenings can be cool, so be prepared with a light jumper or similar.

Bring at least one pair of closed in footwear for going on walks in the bush, as there tends to be all kind of wildlife around.



January to April is the ‘green/wet’

This is a time of hot sunny days with periods of warm tropical rain. The rain predominantly falls at night, so you will have lots of sun during the day. This is a spectacular time of year. The tropical vegetation is abundant and the forests are filled with clear streams and many waterfalls. The prevailing breezes at this time are from the North.

May to December is the ‘dry’

The rain that falls at this time is less intense than the tropical downpours of the ‘wet’. The temperatures and humidity are a little lower. From April to September, the prevailing breezes are the southeasterly Trade Winds.