Corporate wellness is a relatively new term that looks at basic health and fitness issues within organisations. This can include fitness regimes as well as modern work place conditions based on ergonomics.

Wellness is a combination of wellbeing and fitness. The founders of mind & motion® have developed a  more holistic approach based on the understanding that any organisation needs both – Wellbeing and Fitness.

Any organisation needs to do well and be fit to master the challenges of today’s global business environment. Without healthy and fit employees no organisation will be able to survive. Without motivated, creative people there is no fertile soil for necessary innovations which any company needs to stay ahead of the game.


mind & motion® is

  • Turning workshops into retreats in a unique environment that offers not only a perfect learning setting but also lessons about how we can all benefit from nature
  • Taking corporate wellness approaches a step further – from mere fitness and exercise regimes to a holistic concept covering
    • Health and well-being of individuals (employees)
    • Health and well-being of organisations
    • Communication on all levels (internal, external)
    • Personal growth
    • Leadeship (better leaders for tomorrow, emotional intelligence)
    • Team Analysis/ Optimization
    • Weight management for busy people
    • Stress management
    • Fitness tests, practical exercises, ideas about what can be done at work


We offer the following corporate wellness retreats:

and customized programs on demand (please contact us so we can work out your individual program).

Most programs can be held in your area or at your site as well.