About Us

Frank and Renee have both lived the fast paced corporate life in Germany and overseas. After having met what seems a lifetime ago in New Zealand, they decided to enjoy the life of expatriates for a while and gained work experience in Hong Kong and Tokyo.

But the idea of creating a business that is home to both, mind and body, kept coming back. In addition, life in corporate world was no longer fulfilling expectations and became less satisfying over time.

Having been trained in Reiki in Hong Kong and in Shiatsu in Japan in addition to being a certified wellness trainer and massage therapist Renee had the right mix of qualification to start something new.

Being responsible for larger business operations in home and overseas markets, Frank decided to add studies in psychology, human communication and professional counselling to his range of expertise.

Once Frank and Renee had all necessary components lined up, they dared to make the next big and scary step. In 2004 they moved to Tropical North Queensland, Australia to found  mind & motion®. Not only had they given up their stressful (but well paid and safe) corporate life, they also entered unknown territories: New country, new industry, first own company.

After successfully testing the waters for nearly 10 years on the day spa side of the business the launch of miamo wellness retreats was the logic next step.


This is what drives us

Today’s unhealthy lifestyles as well as statistics of work related illnesses and frustrations make many of us look for change and improvement. Wellness (deriving from well-being and fitness) has become a mainstream term. It is time wellness is recognized as a healthy lifestyle rather than a modern word on product labels.

It is also important to take the wellness philosophy into the business world. Why do so few companies strive for healthy, motivated employees? Aren’t they the basis for creativity, innovation and sustainability? Corporate wellness is the new buzz word for us.


Our Vision

Everybody is living a healthy and balanced life (personal and professional, not just one half of it).

mind & motion® contributes significantly to wellness being part of people’s daily life and is one of the countries most respected wellness retreat and spa operators and employers. All our activities provide for today’s demands regarding ecology and sustainability.


Our Mission

To assist individuals and organizations to improve (individual & business) performance through effective communication, (individual and corporate) well-being and personal growth.